Class Schedules for Teens




1853 Montgomery Highway - Hoover, AL 35244


See below for details

Open to ALL home-school affiliates



7:00 - 10:00 pm


Inverness Vineyard Church

4733 Valleydale Rd - B’ham, 35242

$5 per person or $15 per family

This will be Curt & Wendy’s LAST teen dance before they retire from this homeschool

dance program, so they hope that all students past & present, will come to this dance!

More information will be posted here a bit later as to the continuing homeschool

dance program, which will be newly headed up by Spenser & Miah Thompson.


New students welcome to start at anytime ...

please fill out a registration form at your first class

Our 2017/2018 dance classes for home-schoolers

will run from September 8, 2017 to April 27, 2018

Prices are $5.00 per person for any of the Teen Classes,

payable at the door each week

Note: The Kids’ Class, which is a 30 minute class, will be just $3.00 per person

Family Rate of $15 per family is available to families

who have more than three students in any combination of classes

September - WALTZ                January - TANGO

October - SWING                February - FOXTROT

November - MAMBO                March - CHA CHA

December - POLKA                April - REQUESTS

There will be separate SIGN-IN SHEETS at the desk where every student must sign in each week for the class that they will be attending that day.

Record of Attendance sheets will be handed out to families twice each year (last class in December & last class in the spring) for those of you who plan to use this Ballroom Dance class for school credit; can be used toward either Physical Education or Fine Arts requirements.


9:30 - 10:00 AM                            KIDS’ CLASS

9:30 - 10:20 AM                  BEGINNING TEENS

10:30 - 11:20 AM          INTERMEDIATE TEENS

11:30 AM - 12:20 PM          ADVANCED TEENS

Please note the class break-downs below:

(attend the class that fits your age & ability best)


This 30-minute class is designed for youngsters ages 7 - 10 and will be taught by Alexander Skinner & Lindsey Ralph (who have been trained to teach by Curt & Wendy). This class will introduce partner-dancing to the younger set. They will learn the concept of lead & follow and the importance of a good dance frame, while learning basic steps in many ballroom  dance styles.


This 50-minute class is for ages 11 - 18 who are new to ballroom dancing, and will be taught by Spenser & Miah Thompson, plus a rotating Assistant Teacher. This is the place to start, when you are new to our classes, to get all of your basics fully in place. Eight different styles of dance will be taught over the course of eight months. We prefer that the younger teens stay in this class for two years; older teens may move to the Intermediate class after one year, if they feel confident with the basics taught in this class.


This 50-minute class is for ages 12 - 18, who have completed at least one year in the Beginning class and feel confident that they know all of the basics well.  The class will be taught by Curt & Wendy Johnson, and one rotating assistant couple. Here, the students will move beyond the basics into more complex step patterns, all while learning floor-craft (the ability to maneuver around a crowded dance floor) and perfecting their lead & follow.  For a good share of teens, this class will be as far as you will wish to go.  All steps will be lead-able, and this will be a fun class, giving you lots of variations. But you MUST have your dance basics firmly in place to get the most out of this class.


This class is for accomplished dancers only, who have the ability and willingness to go further with their dancing. The step patterns will be more complicated and this class will take you to the next level in your dance education. Do understand that in this class you will be expected to work hard and pay attention. This will generally be a smaller class, but you’ll learn how to step out and make your dance movements larger, so we will still utilize the full floor. This class will be taught by both Curt & Wendy Johnson and Spenser & Miah Thompson (rotating every-other-week). Please only attend this hour if you are serious about furthering your dance education, and are ready and able to tackle the complicated stuff.

PARENTS: If you have children waiting on the sidelines for their class to begin, please impress upon them how important it is to visit QUIETLY while other classes are in session. This has truly been our largest hurdle with only one large room to work within at the studio, and we need all of the parents to help support us in this quest.  Thank you!

Questions about any of the youth classes? 

Contact Curt or Wendy Johnson:   

205-532-0747 (Curt) or 205-504-1493 (Wendy)