Class Schedules for Teens




1853 Montgomery Highway - Hoover, AL 35244


See below for details

Open to ALL home-school affiliates


June 19th - July 24th, 2015


from 10:00 am - 11:15 am

at Bailey Dance

Curt & Wendy plan to teach one big class with ALL LEVELS together for this

Summer Session, and will feature a different ballroom dance style each week.

Also, from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, Chris & Emily Bailey will

step in to teach an Intermediate / Advanced class in some of their

Country-Western styles of dance, which is their specialty. 

So if you’d like to stick around for a second hour of dance class

during this Summer Session, we invite you to do so.

$5/person or $15/family per hour*

*Please note that if there are several kids in the family and you wish

to stay for both hours, because there are different teachers teaching,

you’ll need to pay the family rate twice.  (Sorry).


New students welcome anytime ...

please fill out a registration form at your first class

Our 2015/2016 school year’s dance classes for home-schoolers

will run from September 4, 2015 to April 22nd, 2016

Prices are $5.00 per person for any of the Teen Classes,

payable at the door each week

Note: The Kids’ Class, which is a 30 minute class, will be just $3.00 per person

Family Rate of $15 per family is available to families

who have more than three students in any combination of classes

There will be separate SIGN-IN SHEETS at the desk where every student must sign in each week for the class that they will be attending that day.

Record of Attendance sheets will be handed out to families twice each year (last class in December & last class in the spring) for those of you who plan to use this Ballroom Dance class for school credit; can be used toward either Physical Education or Fine Arts requirements.

Class Schedule:

Will be announced as we get closer to our start date ....

Please note the class break-downs below:

(attend the class that fits your age & ability best)


This 30-minute class is designed for youngsters ages 7 - 10 and will be taught by our teacher assistants (who will be overseen by Curt & Wendy). This class will introduce partner-dancing to the younger set. They will learn the concept of lead & follow and the importance of a good dance frame, while learning basic steps in many ballroom  dance styles.


This 60-minute class is for ages 11 - 18 who are new to ballroom dancing, and will be taught by our teacher assistants (who have worked closely with Curt & Wendy).  This is the place to start, when you are new to our classes, to get all of your basics fully in place. Eight different styles of dance will be taught over the course of eight months. We prefer that the younger teens stay in this class for two years; older teens may move to the Intermediate Class once they feel confident with the basics taught in this class.


This 60-minute class is for ages 12 - 18, who have completed at least one year in the Beginning class and feel confident that they know all of the basics well.  The class will be taught by Curt & Wendy Johnson, along with a couple of our teacher assistants, as we expect this to be our largest class each week. Here, we will move beyond the basics into more complex step patterns, all while learning floor-craft (the ability to maneuver around a crowded dance floor) and perfecting your lead & follow.


Students will be hand-selected by Curt & Wendy to attend this 60-minute class. If we feel you qualify, you will be invited to attend by e-mail. We also may come up to you in the Intermediate class at any point throughout the school year, and verbally invite you to attend the Advanced class, if we feel you are ready. This class is for accomplished dancers who have the ability to go further with their dancing. The step patterns will be more complicated and this class will take you to the next level in your dance education. If you feel you qualify and weren’t invited to attend, please let us know and we will give you consideration (after all, we don’t know everybody, and we might have simply missed your ability!). But do understand that this class is meant to be smaller, because the moves will be more complicated.

SPECTATORS:  Although there is room for parents and other siblings to hang out and watch classes ... we want to encourage family members to drop your kids off for class and pick them up afterward, if you can this year. Use this time to run errands, go shopping, or whatever. It will help us keep the noise level down in the studio if we have less spectators. We will never tell you that you cannot stay and watch the classes; just if you do, please keep a close eye (and ear) on your younger children and even yourselves as you visit with other moms, to help keep the noise level down and commotion on the sidelines to a minimum.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Questions about any of the youth classes? 

Contact Curt or Wendy Johnson:   

205-419-5104 (h) or 205-532-0747 (c)

Another options for teen dance classes ...


on SATURDAYS 1:30 pm. 

Open to public school teens & homeschool teens

$5 per person each week

(no class in June & July)

This class is being taught by Miah Daniel & William Priola

Miah & William have been trained to teach by Curt & Wendy Johnson